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Support Contacts
Support Contacts Support phone: 651-489-4340
M-F 8-5
General Email Information
Tela Email Settings

NOTE: Authentication change as of January 15, 2016. Your email address MUST be used for your IMAP/POP/SMTP username. Your short username (without an '@' symbol) will NOT be accepted after January 15, 2016.

Email Address (supplied by Tela)
Username Use email address
Password (supplied by Tela)
Webmail Access or
Protocol Choose IMAP or POP, depending on your needs.
IMAP is preferred for most situations.
Incoming Mail
POP/IMAP Mail Server
SPA (Secure Password Authentication) Must be OFF
SSL/TLS Set to ON or AUTO*
Incoming Server Ports Use program default ports:
POP with SSL/TLS:* 995 POP without SSL/TLS: 110
IMAP with SSL/TLS:* 993 IMAP without SSL/TLS: 143
Outgoing SMTP Mail Server
Outgoing Server Port 587 (preferred) or 25**
SSL/TLS Set to ON or AUTO*
Outgoing Server requires authentication YES, use same username/password as incoming
* SSL/TLS is preferred for security. Use SSL/TLS unless your configuration does not support it.

** Many residential and free internet services block SMTP port 25. In that case please use outgoing SMTP submission port 587 in your email program settings. In most cases port 587 will work best and is recommended as the preferred setting.
iPhone/iPad email setup Step by step instructions for iPhone / iPad
Other Information
Internet Usage Policy Here is our Internet Usage Policy and Privacy Policy.
Spam Filter Information

Information on our Spam Filters

Bulk Mail Policy Please read our policies and procedures regarding bulk email. You must utilize these procedures or your bulk mail may not be accepted.

Please report difficulties to